Hophead Habanero Sauce

We are pepper growers and producers of gourmet spicy foods in Cardigan, PEI.  

It all started back in 2002 when I made a tiny batch of hot sauce at home to send to a friend working out West. I created a comical label and mailed it - unfortunately it broke in shipping, so he never did get to try it.  The upside is that I had a dozen or so other bottles out of that batch, which were given to friends here in PEI.  They asked for more when they ran out, and I haven't stopped cooking since.

I sold direct to retail for several years, but launched our wholesale enterprise in 2008 with about 12 stores.  We now have over 200 retailers across Canada.  

We love chiles, farming, cooking, and everything to do with the spicy foods industry and embrace each day of working within it.  Keep it spicy!

Amiel Leblanc, Owner/Chilehead